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Yoga Class


Mercey Hot Springs is offering Yoga classes at the Pavilion Tent.

Please note that Yoga Classes are $10 per person, per class and are for
Overnight Accommodation or Day-Use guests only!

Pavilion Tent


Not currently scheduled.

I believe that a happy, healthy life with a tad of adventure is a life lived in balance and a life lived well. I have found a way of healthy living, and believe it is my purpose to share my passion and skills with others. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and my goal is to assist each person individually with the correct tools and encouragement to help them thrive in their daily lives: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Passion drives me. That is the reason for the start of ThriveFit Wellness, and my drive behind it every day. My sharing of skills includes: personal training, yoga, guided meditation, and thai yoga massage. I love the look on my clients’ face when they hit a goal, accomplish a task, or push through a mental roadblock that they once thought couldn't be possible. In that moment, I know I’m living my purpose, and look forward to helping all who are willing to become the best versions of themselves!

For more information about Alexis and her classes, please visit thrivefitwellness.com


Not currently scheduled.

Shiri took her first yoga class back in 2000 when she began college at San Francisco State University and found that it helped with her scoliosis related neck and shoulder problems and greatly improved her physical, mental and spiritual sense of well being. She has been a devoted practitioner ever since, eventually deciding to learn to teach yoga so that she could share her joy for yoga with others. She is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher that studied under the direct tutelage of internationally renowned Senior Teacher Carolyn Belko. She truly enjoys teaching yoga and sharing the art that has been such a powerfully transformative part of her life, and shares her infectious love for yoga and precise knowledge with all of her students. In Shiri’s classes, she follows the principles of the Iyengar Method, and emphasis is placed on precise alignment of the outermost body toward the innermost self, using props as tools to access the deepest expression of the pose. She teaches students of all abilities and ages, from pre-school to senior citizens, and everyone in between, and has taught yoga in schools and in afterschool programs.


Not currently scheduled.

Each time I guide a yoga class it flows straight from my heart.
I allow my experience and intuition to weave through and into the needs
of not just the entire class as a whole, but every individual in it.
By allowing the class to be composed in this way, I remain a student,
also learning, and I merely personify the teachings.

For more information about Kellee and her classes, please visit kelleeyogaandayurveda.com





Not currently scheduled.

A true spiritual seeker, Sarah Hughes is a yoga teacher, meditator, and leadership coach. She began her formal study of yoga in 2009, and was immediately hooked on the way that the practice of yoga creates an energized yet relaxed state of being. She has completed teacher trainings with Janet Stone in San Francisco, CA and James Miller in Des Moines, IA. In her classes, she is devoted to creating a space where students can connect with their divine nature by becoming more fully embodied. She brings a calming, compassionate energy accompanied by a playful zest for life.


Not currently scheduled.

Julie is a graduate of the Divine Light Teacher Training, 2014 and is 200 RYT certified yoga instructor. She is a teacher for DiviniTree Yoga and Arts community in Santa Cruz. She has studied at studios all over California, and has developed her own practice around the style of Hatha Flow. Her emphasis is on teaching each student at their level, and her nurturing style soothes tensions and enhances the mind-body-soul experience.

A native Californian, Julie has lived in Santa Cruz for 30 years. She is a practicing dental hygienist and employs her knowledge of self care to her yoga teaching. She is also an advocate for holistic healing, and is training as a wellness advocate for DoTerra essential oils.

Julie feels blessed to be teaching yoga now after successfully raising 3 amazing children. She finds the benefits of yoga enhance her interaction with individuals, the community and herself, and she is devoted to helping her students stay radiantly healthy inside and out.





Not currently scheduled.

My intention is to serve others by sharing these ancient forms of self-directed healing that I have and will continue to learn from so many amazing teachers: to provide others with these simple tools that are available to each one of us, no matter our situation. Yoga and Meditation are such gifts in an era geared at keeping us distracted, busied and outwardly drawn. By our own efforts, learning to work with conscious movement and breath, as well as acquiring the skills to quiet the mind and move inward, we can learn about our own true nature and participate more masterfully in the unfolding of this life’s journey.

For more information about Kristin and her classes, please visit knowtheself.net