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Justin Spyres is a neuromuscular & massage therapist, spiritual mindfulness mentor and nature integration guide who helps clients to unlock patterns of restricted movement and unravel layers of chronic stress. Often combining breath work with the rhythmic techniques of Thai massage and those rooted in modern neuroscience, Justin’s signature bodywork sessions have helped hundreds of clients retrain their nervous system for greater love, joy and ease.

This body-based therapy works to dissolve neuromuscular tension and integrate positive change at the deeper levels of the emotional, mental and physical body, greatly benefitting individuals seeking support around healing trauma and helping those in major life transition to reconnect with their inner source of calm and wisdom.

Justin has found the natural world to be teeming with harmony and inspiration which greatly supports the transformational healing journey. He leads spiritual exploration tours to lesser known sacred sites around California that merge ancient wisdom teachings with adventure travel. Justin also works 1:1 with clients helping them to move out of physical and emotional pain and chronic overwhelm so they can align with an inner truth that radiates joy and knowingness into all aspects of their lives.

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Joanne Coppolino Joanne Coppolino is a seasoned Massage Therapist with a thriving Orthopedic Massage Therapy practice, specializing in Structural Integration. She treats clients throughout the greater bay area, both independently and via direct referral from medical doctors, naturopaths, physical therapists and other health care practitioners.

A true believer in the self-healing nature of the human body, Joanne works as a conduit to awaken and enliven your body’s vitalistic self through touch, awareness and movement.

Exploring her passion for anatomy and kinesiology, she practices bodywork with a comprehensive and deliberate approach, utilizing modalities and techniques best suited for your body’s immediate AND long-term needs.

“Enjoy a relaxing, yet cerebral, experience.”

“Your body will undergo neurological release, reducing pain signals to the brain and renewing your neuromuscular system, restoring its proper function.”
- Joanne Coppolino